Villa Maria’s commitment to resident safety, coupled with its unique status as residence exclusively for women, makes it a popular accommodation option.


Villa Maria has single bedrooms of various sizes, each furnished with a bed, desk and chair (residents may request an optional bookshelf), and ample cupboard space. 

Tenants need only provide their own bedding and personal furnishings to make the bedroom their own. 

Shared bathrooms are equipped with baths and showers, with each bathroom shared by approximately four or five residents.

Dining: A Healthy Taste Of Home

Villa Maria rental includes three delicious, home-cooked meals a day, lovingly prepared by our in-house chef.

All meals are served in the dining room, and the meal service is also active on public holidays.

Please chat to the management team if you have any particular dietary restrictions.


Meal Times

MON – FRI 7h00 – 8h00 17h30
Sit-down Breakfast Make at breakfast and pack for the day Sit-down Main Meal
SATURDAY 8h00 – 8h30 12h00 17h30
Sit-down Breakfast Sit-down Main Meal Sit-down Light Meal
SUNDAY 8h30 – 9h00 12h00 17h30
Sit-down Breakfast Sit-down Main Meal Sit-down Light Meal
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 8h30 – 9h00 12h00 17h30
Sit-down Breakfast Sit-down Main Meal Sit-down Light Meal


Villa Maria offers two modern and relaxing TV/Living rooms, each offering stunning views of our tranquil garden. Here, residents are able to spend their free time with friends and guests.

These facilities are also used for special events, like our Valentine’s Day theme evening or Women’s Day breakfast.

Work & Study Spaces

A project room with is available for residents who need a quiet space to work.

Free Wifi is available throughout the building for convenient studying or catching up on work.

Public Transport

The MyCiTi bus stop is on Villa Maria’s doorstep. The Ludwig’s Garden bus stop – situated at the entrance to the premises – also makes it possible to travel from the airport.  

For residents new to Cape Town: MyCiTi is a cashless system, except for the airport route to the Civic Centre, for which paper tickets can still be bought. To connect to Villa Maria (and load credits for future trips), simply buy a MyConnect card. 

Access & Security

Villa Maria places a high premium on tenant safety. Tenants receive an individually programmed disc used to access the building. Each student receives keys to their private room.  All visitors are required to sign in.

We have a security guard who patrols the premises at night to ensure the safety of tenants who come in late.

Cooking & Food Storage

In addition to Villa Maria’s full-service dining benefit for tenants, there are also numerous mini-kitchens in the building with microwaves and hot water for tea and coffee.

Laundry Facilities

We have a washing machine available to residents at a cost of R30 per load. There are safe and secure washing lines outside.


You are welcome to receive visitors. However male visitors are allowed access to the reception area only. All visitors must vacate the premises by 8pm Sunday – Thursday, and by 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

For safety, all visitors must be signed in and out in our visitors book.