Students Bedrooms

The Residence has single bedrooms of various sizes, all furnished with necessities.

Students need only provide their own bedding and are free to make the room their own.

The bathrooms are equiped with a number of baths and showers. 

Each bathroom is shared by approximately 4 or 5 students.




Transport to Villa Maria

Students can now avail themselves of the new MyCiti bus routes to Villa Maria. The bus stop:

Ludwig’s Garden is situated at the entrance to Villa Maria. Students can now travel form the airport

to Villa Maria.

It is important to note that Myciti is a cashless system, except for the airport route to the civic centre, for

which paper tickets can still be bought.

To connect to Villa Maria a myconnect card must be purchased.This can be done at the civic centre.

For more details view the MiCiti website:




Secure onsite parking is now available at an extra charge





Students can enjoy our home-cooked meals which are served in our sunsoaked dining room. 

Our extensive menu ensures a balanced meal for our students. 

Special diets are catered for when a Doctors certificate is provided. 

You will find more detail regarding the meals in the application page.





Free Wifi is available in the public areas as well as all the students bedrooms.   





There are two TV/Living rooms where students are able to spend their free time with friends and guests.

Other amenities which are freely available to the students include table tennis, piano and basic gym facilities.

Special events are organised for and by the students.




Student Study Facilities

A project room is available which is a quiet space for students to work on group projects and includes an art table.






There is a beautiful spacious garden with magnificent views of the iconic Table Mountain where students
relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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